About Dr. Huston

Dr. Irene Huston, Pinole CA

Bio of Dr. Irene Wade Huston

Dr. Irene W. Huston attended Contra Costa Community College in Richmond, California. She received her B.A. in Theology from International Seminary, Plymouth, Florida; an M.A. in Education from Antioch Christian University, Denver, Colorado.   She also received a Doctorate of Divinity from Elbow/Solutions College of Ministry, Apple Valley, CA.

Dr. Huston received her first ordination to preach the gospel in 1970 from Pastor Alfred A. Watson of Ollie Grove Pentecostal Baptist Church in Berkeley, California.

Dr. Huston is the widow of Elder Ralph Huston, her husband for fifty years. She is a loving mother and her testimony is “standing in the gap” for family restoration. Over the years her husband, children, mother, sons-in-law and sister all worked together in ministry.

Dr. Huston walks in the five-fold Apostolic Anointing. Because of the strong prophetic teaching anointing that God has graciously allowed Dr. Huston to minister under, she has become a “DISTURBING ELEMENT” in the Body of Christ who boldly speaks the truth.

As she preaches the Word of God with power and authority, destroying all the yokes of the enemy, the Holy Spirit engulfs the atmosphere with healing, deliverance and restoration.

Her evangelistic travels have taken her throughout the United States and many foreign countries.  She was ordained to International Ministry by the late, Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Nigeria, Africa.   She has ministered the gospel to thousands around the world, including Bangelore and Madras, India; Benin City, Nigeria; London, England; and Jerusalem, Israel. She received the Apostolic ordination from The World Outreach Association. 

Dr. Huston has been Apostle and founder of Global Christian Ministries, Pinole, California since 1985;  founder of Irene’s Women’s Faith Foundation; founder of Global Christian Academy (Grades K-6) Pinole, California and founder of Global Seminary.

In 1998 she realized a personal entrepreneurial goal and opened Irene’s Apparel in El Sobrante, California. Following in 2000, Dr. Huston met her second goal by opening a hair salon, GCM & Company, of which she is co-owner with one of her daughters, Dovie Huston Jones.

Dr. Huston has been invited to participate in a wide spectrum of programs, including conferences, seminars, panel forums and community events and hosted women’s conferences throughout the San Francisco Bay Area before they were in vogue.

She has been a co-host on the 700 Club, a panelist for the Bay Area Black Media Coalition concerning “Religion On The Airwaves,” and a panelist for the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists.  Dr. Huston received also numerous invitations from The City of Richmond’s Recreation and Cultural Services Division and the Martin Luther King Commemorative Program Committee as guest speaker for their programs.

Dr. Huston published her first book “Opportunities Through Crisis,” a motivational book on how to handle life’s crisis by precept and example (which is now in its fifth printing.)  She also published several spiritually enlightening booklets, “THAT,” along with “How to Pray for your Lost Loved Ones,” and “Irene’s Motivational Thoughts & Inspirations.”

A recent published work is available at bookstores now:  “Release Your Mind and Live Again!”

She has hosted weekly television programs:  entitled “GOD’S FINEST HOUR,” which aired on KTLN Channel 68.  The broadcast also has multiple California Contra Costa County and Northern California airings on KTLN and Comcast Cable Channels under different names including “Faith Talk” and “Bright Futures”.

The Bay Area remembers the 5 a.m. broadcasts, Dr. Huston and Pastor Carr did live in San Francisco at Radio Station KEST.  The Word went forth and listeners called in for prayer and gave testimonies of the good of God.

Dr. Huston was awarded a “Certificate for the Betterment of Richmond,” and many “Proclamations,” by the Mayor of Richmond for her other outstanding community efforts, which includes one for the city’s first theological seminary graduation’s in 1992.

She also received the Contra Costa County Dr. Martin Luther King  Jr. 2000 Honorable Mention Humanitarian of the Year Award, and was Mistress of Ceremony for the MLK Awards in 2001.

Dr. Huston is the recipient of the “2003 Pastor of the Year” Award from the C.O.G.I.C. Women’s Department, and has been inducted in the National Who’s Who of American Executives for the past four years.

Dr. Huston is now attending Phoenix University working on her Degree in Psychology.  Her vision is to open a counseling center for teenage girls as well as young adults, and gift the center as a legacy to her granddaughter, Jennifer Jones who is attending San Jose State to become a licensed Psychologist.

In recent years Irene Huston has experienced what some would call great losses with the passing of three strong pillars in her life.  A life long friend and co-laborer, Pastor Donja Carr was the first of these pillars to go home to be with the Lord.  Next was her mother, Dovie Wade who was indeed a faithful member of the local church for many years.  And last, but certainly not least, her husband, Prophet Ralph Huston, Sr., “the man with the golden voice!”

There are many chapters to the life of Dr. Irene Huston, but through it all, she has stood on the Word of God and remained an example of a Christian wife, mother and minister of the gospel.  She has been instrumental in the lives of several spiritual sons and daughters who have followed this pioneer in ministry.  These giants in the faith remain steadfast to their calling in Christ Jesus, partly because she blazed a trail for younger leaders to follow.

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